Learning at Home

A Program for parents becoming effective teachers in the Natural Environment

As parents, we strive to understand and support our children to the best of our knowledge.

In this program, you will work closely with a Psychologist to better understand the basics of learning and development, your child’s diagnosis and become equipped with the skills to support your child to access learning opportunities in their everyday life. This program brings together you, as the one who knows your child best, and the skills you need to assist them to learn in the way that suits them, as supported by the person who cares most about them, you!

While a strong and comprehensive team of professionals working with your child in regular therapy sessions holds a very important role in your child’s progress, it is equally, if not more important for you to have the skills to support the continuity of therapy goals in your child’s everyday life. This ensures that your child will get the most out of their therapy, ensure regular access to supported practice of therapy goals at home and across other settings and therefor provide the best opportunity for your child to reach their best potential.