COVID-19 Response

Cherished Minds Psychology is committed to the support and guidance of clients and their families and to walk along side them during this difficult and unpredictable time.

We have taken various actions to both reduce the risk to any clients accessing consultations face to face and to provide options for when clients may be unable to attend the clinic based on personal circumstance or when as a community the COVID-19 world health crisis prevents us from meeting in our usual format.

NB: Please contact the clinic directly for an update on the current service methods we are offering as this will change pending COVID restrictions (eg. telehealth, phone, face to face)

This includes recreating our business model to ensure that all clients can access telehealth sessions (videoconferencing and phone) regardless of their age, ability and level of need for support.

cherished minds telehealth business model

Below are various documents which outline the procedures we have implemented to ensure that we can continue to support our Cherished Families.

COVID lockdown policy and procedure_

Cherished Minds Psychology COVID-19 response

Letter to cherished families re Options for zoom and Phone sessions

Telehealth consent form

Cherished Minds truly believe that out of adversity comes the ability to grow, adapt and move forward both as individuals and as a community.

“Don’t let a stumble be the end of your journey”

Please reach out if you need support or would like more information about how you can access services via telehealth on 02 9822 8630

Cherished Minds is also registered as a COVID safe business and has a COVID safe business plan in place.