Cherished Minds provides a one-off consultation service where parents/carers can book with an experienced psychologist to ask questions about therapy, assessment or receive guidance on the next steps that may be beneficial for their child relating to areas of concern. Parents/carers may then enrol their child into ongoing therapy or join the waitlist, be referred to other appropriate services or follow through with other recommendations at their own pace.

This service suitable for families who are not sure if assessment and/or ongoing therapy is the right pathway for them and would like to ask questions before getting started in a regular appointment slot.

This may be right for you if:

  • Your child’s school has asked you to seek services but you are unsure how or if you would like to proceed
  • You are concerned about your child’s behaviour and would like guidance if therapy would be beneficial
  • You are unsure how therapy works, what sessions look like and if your child is suitable
  • You are unsure where to start and would like to discuss your child’s situation before proceeding
  • You have been asked by your child’s school, doctor or paediatrician to have your child assessed and would like to discuss your child’s circumstance and the assessment process

Duration: 50 minutes
Consultation options: In person/online/phone call