Cherishing positive development, enhanced psychological well being and overall personal growth of youth
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Cherished Minds Psychology is located in Liverpool Sydney and provides services to children aged 2 years to 17 years of age.

Cherished Minds is a friendly team of Psychologists who can help with many areas including excessive worry, anger, social skills, concerning behaviours, emotions, task completion, following instructions, problem solving, understanding others as well as many other areas of development.

Cherished Minds also provides assessment for a variety of conditions such as Autism, behavioural concerns, learning delay and anxiety (excessive worry).

We are a Registered provider under the NDIS for both therapeutic supports and specialist behaviour support.

Cherished Minds is registered with FaHSCIA.

You can also claim a percentage of your services through Medicare and Private health funds.

We usually see clients on a regular basis such as every two weeks for therapy but can book one off assessments also.

We welcome you to bring along family and advocates as you feel is suitable and have provided a list of local advocate services below

Please contact us with any more questions or to make a booking

(02) 9822 8630


Via the website enquiry link on the welcome page