At Cherished Minds we know that managing anxiety is easier said than done. It takes a lot a dedication and bravery to address the triggers that fire up our anxiety.

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the little things we can do to bring ourselves back to the present. The things in this list may seem superficial but they focus on mindfulness‬, building a support network and positive thinking.

We hope this list will give you some easy strategies to employ for yourself or to talk to your children about.

1. Smile

Smiling has a chemical impact on your brain.

2. Dance it out

Get moving! Exercise releases endorphins which can lift your mood.

3.Take a deep breath

Deep breathing can slow the heart rate and calm you down. It also turns your focus inwards, helping you practice mindfulness.

4. Visualise stress draining from your body

Visualise the stress leaving your body, bit by bit. Visualise it drain from your head, out of your arms, torso and legs. “Seeing” stress leave your body helps you physically relax our body and will also have a surprising effect on your mental state.

5. Ground yourself – name five things you can see, smell, hear and feel

Grounding helps you focus on the present moment and enables you to practice mindfulness. Focusing on what is happening immediately around you turns your focus away from the future.

6. Reframe the problem and put it in perspective

Anxiety often hinders our ability to think reasonably. Try re-framing the issue by thinking about it in the big picture. Will this matter in 10 years? Are you healthy and safe? Do you have people who care about you?

7. Focus on what you can control

This one is often thrown around, but that’s because it’s true! Break the problem down into smaller, manageable parts. Address the things you can, let go of the things you can’t.

8. Talk to someone about it

Talk to someone you trust and respect. Maybe they will offer a new perspective. If not, at least you have taken the opportunity to vent and get the worried thoughts out of your system.

9. Go for a run

Get your heart rate up and burn off all that adrenalin that’s surging through your system. It’s hard to let negative thoughts preoccupy your mind when you’re panting for air!

10. Ask for a hug

Remind yourself that you aren’t in this alone. Reach out to your support network and ask for help. Sometimes, you just need to be reminded there are people around that care about you!


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