Adopting a few new morning habits could completely transform how the whole family tackles their day!

Here’s a few tips to try with your kids:


1. Get active

Try doing 10 star jumps as soon as you jump out of bed. Follow this with a couple of minutes of fun movements like bunny hops around the dinning room. Is there a better way to start the day than laughing and jumping around with your kids? Light morning exercise helps you wake up and can also improve concentration throughout the day.

2. Focus on the good stuff

Spend 5 minutes together reflecting on all the things you are thankful for or excited about today. You’ll be surprised how much this impacts the way you approach the rest of your day.

3. Plan breakfast

Get your kids involved in planning a breakfast they look forward to. Sit down the night before and plan what’s on the menu for the next morning. This can also make for a fun nightly routine and will make getting them out of bed a little easier. When it comes to breakfast time, get them involved in the preparation.
We hope these tips will add a little colour and excitement to your morning routine. Let us know how you go trying them out!