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About Us


Since 2006 Kellie has provided programs as a private practitioner. Working out of a small office space in Liverpool, she nurtured and supported the mental well-being of Sydney kids through an array of personalised programs.

In 2014 Kellie expanded the practice and welcomed new Psychologists to the team who share in Kellie’s passion to support Children and their families during challenging times.

Cherished Minds has become well known for providing specialised programs and tailored support based on each child’s highest priority needs. The team at Cherished Minds prides themselves on creating a welcoming safe haven for families to discuss concerns and build skills to overcome them.

Mission Statement

Cherishing positive development, enhanced psychological well being and overall personal growth of youth

Cherished Minds Child and Adolescent Psychology is dedicated to the service of children with developmental delays, anxiety and anger management issues and all other mental wellbeing concerns. We understand that modern life is busy and demanding so we go the extra mile to ensure children receive the support they need. Our vision is to better families’ quality of life by equipping children with the tools needed to sustain positive mental-health.

Cherished Minds Values

Cherished Minds Psychology is an inclusive practice that values diversity, cultural preference and the right for advocacy. We strive to create a welcoming environment in which everyone feels at ease to access services in a manner and mode that they feel most comfortable. At Cherished Minds we encourage the inclusion of family members, support persons and advocates in all aspects of the therapeutic approach.